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 How to Train

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PostSubject: How to Train   Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:34 pm


Obviously if you're serious about your role playing, you'll know that pretty much the core ingredient to growing a solid character is good training. It's the most common way to increase physical strength, and is a fairly simple and basic way to do so. Here's the guidelines for training:

Regular Training
A training session between the word count of 0 - 500 words. This is your basic training that can be performed only once every 48 hours (2 days).

Intense Training
A training session between the word count of 600+ . This is a little more intense training, it can only be performed twice a week, and takes 72 hours (3 days) to recover from.

-Obviously the amount of words in a role play will attribute to power level gain, but other factors such as detail, grammar, ect, will affect your training. So not all training sessions will be graded the same.
-State what type of training you are doing in your training thread please
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How to Train
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