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 Battling System/Stats

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PostSubject: Battling System/Stats   Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:21 am

Battling System
When battling you'll rely on four stats for a smooth and well calculated battle. These four stats get added together and form your overall Power Level (PL). I'll quickly explain the stats and their role before we begin.

STR (Strength) - How much physical power you can exert.

AGL (Agility) - How fast you're able to maneuver your body.

END (Endurance) - How much punishment your body can withstand.

SPR (Spirit) - The flow of Ki throughout your body.


After this there's only two other things you'll have to worry about. I don't include them in normal stats because they don't directly affect the battle outcome, rather how you perform in battle. These two special stats are...

VIT (Vitality) - This is your in battle health basically. To determine your VIT you simply multiply your PL by 1.5. Once your VIT reaches zero, you are dead.

EXHST (Exhaustion) - This is pretty much how your body will wear over the duration of the battle. Through various actions in battle, your exhaustion will be affected. When it reaches zero, your stats drop by 25% and your Exhaustion recharges. To determine your Exhaustion, you divide your VIT by 4.

Okay, so that's all the stats down. These are the building blocks of your battles. These are the numbers you'll need to keep track of during your battle. It helps if each turn you state your current stats, so it makes it easier to keep track of where everything is at. What I'll do now is post a step by step battle simulation, so you understand how everything works. I'll keep it nice and simple Smile


Ok, so for this battle we're going to use 2 characters you all should be familiar with, Goku and Vegeta. Before we start battling, both users will submit their current stats.

PL: 10,000

PL: 11,000
VIT: 16,500
EXHST: 4,125
STR: 4,500
AGL: 1,750
END: 1,750
SPR: 3,000

Now we can see that both competitors are both heavy in the STR and SPR areas, due to them both being Saiyans, and Saiyans having developed stats as such. So with their STR and SPR stats heavier than AGL and END, we can predict this will be a very aggressive and tiring battle. One last thing, a players turn in battle is broken down into 2 phases: The Reaction Phase and Action Phase.

Reaction Phase - This is where you get to re-act to any action your opponent has made upon you. Like evading or enduring an Attack.

Action Phase - This is where you get to make a move of your own, for example, charge your stats, use an item or perform an attack.

Now let's start the battle.

*Vegeta has the higher AGL stat, this means he gets to make the first move.

*Vegeta will advance with a physical combo.

When a physical combo is chosen in battle, we use the STR stat. Physical combo's are to be typed with as much detail as possible in battles, but the rule for how much damage they do is the same. The battle damage for physical combo's = 1/4 of all your STR stat. This does exclude any items or such you may have equipped that affect the damage of physical combos.

Vegeta has 4,500 total STR. When is divided by 4 we get the total battle damage for his attack.
4,500/4 = 1,125 Battle Damage.

*Goku will now choose to evade the attack.

When evading/dodging in battle, we use the AGL stat. Now since Goku's AGL stat = 1,500. And this is higher than the damage Vegeta is dealing out = 1,125. Goku can easily evade this maneuver. So to perform the dodge, the player as always will type out in detail the action and we deduct the battle damage of Vegeta's attack from Goku's AGL stat.

*Goku successfully evades Vegeta's physical combo. (1,500 AGL - 1,125 Battle Damage = 375 Aftermath)

Now we are stuck with this aftermath damage. This cannot simply disappear as this would leave the battle flat and the stats would not alter. Meaning every physical combo of Vegeta's would fail. So where does this aftermath go?

In this case, since the attack was on Goku, and he dodged the attack, his body will be dealt some wear, this will be dealt into his EXHST. To calculate how much his EXHST suffers, the first step is to take the Aftermath (375) and deduct from it the Battle Damage (1,125).

1,125 - 375 = 750.
This is how much will be taken away from Goku's EXHST(3,750).

*The wear on Goku's body from evading Vegeta's attack = 750.
3,750 EXHST - 750 = 3,000 Remaining EXHST.

Say for example though, Vegeta's battle damage had been higher than Goku's AGL, Goku's AGL gets deducted from Vegeta's Battle Damage and this number is halved and each half dealt into Goku's VIT and Vegeta's EXHST.

Goku's stats have now changed, we should post an update on where he's at.

PL: 10,000

Now not much has changed, but it's only been one of Vegeta's turn. Goku has had his reaction phase and now he's ready for his action phase.

*Goku will attempt the Ki Blast Wave.

For Ki attacks, like Ki Blasts or Ki Blast Waves, we use the SPR stat. You choose how much power to put into it. However, the amount of power you choose to put into it is halved and dealt into your EXHST. Since Goku's total SPR is 3,000, he'll only choose to use 2,000 of this power. 2,000 is now the battle damage his dealing out, this battle damage needs to be halved (1,000) and deducted from his EXHST.

Ki Blast Wave Techniques, eg. Kamehameha, Galick Gun. May have a specific amount of power that they require to be performed.

*Goku launches his Ki Blast Wave (2,000). 2,000\2=1,000 Is deducted from EXHST.
*Goku's EXHST now = 2,000.

If Vegeta were to evade the attack, we would go over the same routine we just did a minute ago. But for learning purposes, we'll make him Endure it.

*Vegeta Endures Goku's Ki Blast Wave.

Now this will basically work the same way as before. Vegeta's END is only 1,750, while the Battle Damage is 2,000. So we deduct Vegeta's END from the Battle Damage of 2,000. 2,000 - 1,750 = 250 Aftermath. Now because Goku's Ki Blast Wave won over, the aftermath is halved and each half is dealt into Goku's EXHST and Vegeta's VIT. This is where is pays off if your stats are closer, you will be dealt less damage throughout the course of the battle.

*Vegeta is hit with the Ki Blast Wave. 2,000 Battle Damage - 1,750 END = 250 Aftermath. 250\2= 125. Vegeta's VIT (16,500) - 125 = 16,375 VIT. Goku's EXHST (2,000) - 125 = 1875 EXHST.

If Vegeta's END had been higher than the Battle Damage dealt out, then we'd follow the first scenario. Vegeta's END - Battle Damage = Aftermath. Battle Damage - Aftermath = amount dealt into Vegeta's EXHST.

Another option that Vegeta could have taken is to counter with his own Ki Blast Wave. Which would have triggered a beam struggle. If this occurs Vegeta inputs his own Ki Blast Wave, like Goku he gets to choose how much power he puts in, this of course must be a higher amount than Goku's. This could then jump back and forth with each participant inputting more energy each time. The beam struggle is won, when a competitor chooses to input no further energy, they are the loser. The damage is calculated by taking the winner's Ki Blast Wave power and then deducting from it the loser's Ki Blast Wave power, and multiplying this number by the number of turns. This gives us the aftermath. The aftermath is then divided by four. Two quarters are dealt into the loser's VIT. And then the remaining two quarters are dealt to both competitors EXHST. Example:

Winning Ki Blast Wave Power (5,000) - Losing Ki Blast Wave Power (3,500) = Aftermath (1,500).
Aftermath (1,500) / 4 = 375.
Loser's VIT - (375*2) = Remaining VIT.
Loser's EXHST - (375) = Remaining EXHST.
Winners EXHST - (375) = Remaining EXHST.

So that is the end of the Battle Simulation. I will post up the Competitors Stats, as this is what always happens at the end of a battle or turn. Then I'll finish by going through some notes and aspects of battles that haven't been covered.

PL: 10,000

PL: 11,000
VIT: 16,375
EXHST: 4,125
STR: 4,500
AGL: 1,750
END: 1,750
SPR: 3,000

PL Gains will be determined by a staff member once the battle has finished.
Users may only battle once a week.
When a player's VIT is reduced all the way to 0 (meaning they lost the fight). The winner of the fight can choose to kill them and send them to Otherworld, or spare them with 5% remaining stats. A player is stuck in this 5% stats state for a whole week. During this week they cannot participate in any Events, battles, training or quests. After this week is up their stats recharge back to normal.
After a battle, the winner can choose to loot the loser of the battle of any items equipped on them at the time.
Users can pm a Staff member to watch over their battle to referee a little to make sure things go to plan if users so wish.

~Thanks for reading Smile

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Battling System/Stats
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