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 Starting Races

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PostSubject: Starting Races   Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:59 am


There are three races you can choose from when you're joining. As each race is built genetically different, so too is their attributes. So a certain race will have a stronger starting STR for example, while another will have a stronger END or SPD. When training extra power can be gained towards these stats if your Race is naturally gifted with such. These stats are known as Developed Stats. Only a races Developed Stats can gain extra when training. The races and starting stats, ect, are as follows:

Usually a slightly more intellectual race than others, while lacking a little strength, humans make up for it with exceptionally good defensive stats.
Starting Power Level:500
Developed Stats: AGL* (Agility) and END* (Endurance).

A naturally agressive race with superior power to others. This comes from their stronger level of gravity. They love to fight!
Starting Power Level: 1,500
Developed Stats: STR* (Strength) and SPR* (Spirit).

A generally peaceful race. They are very honourable and anicent and have been a mystery to many over the years. They are also the creators of the legendary Dragon Balls.
Starting Power Level: 1,000
Developed Stats: END* (Endurance) and STR* (Strength)

There are many different robots out there, built by various scientists. They lack the capability to show emotion and have superior strength opposed to humans.
Starting Power Level: 1,200
Developed Stats: STR* (Strength) and AGL* (Agility)
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Starting Races
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